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Expansion Joint NFA

Many industrial companies in Indonesia used Expansion Joint, there are Three types of Expansion Joint that we make.

The first is PTFE Expansion Joint, the second is Fabric Expansion Joint and the last is Metal Expansion Joint. We are a manufacturer that produces three types of Expansion Joint in accordance with the best demand and quality.

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Expansion Joint PTFE is a piping complement system with material PTFE for high vibration and temperature, and wing reinforce-ring for hold the pressure. Click title for more details.

We have several types of Expansion Joint Fabric, round type, square or rectangular type, belt type, with a single layer or multi-layer, click title for more details.

Fabric Expansion Joint
Metal Expansion Joint

Expansion Joint Metal is a piping complement system with high vibration and temperature, NFA makes the best effort in making domestic EJM. Click title for more details.

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