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The Kind of NFA Fabric Expansion Joint

NFA Fabric Expansion Joint is a flexible connector designed to provide stress relief in ducting systems by absorbing movement caused by thermal changes. They also act as vibration isolators, shock absorbers, and in some instances, make up for minor misalignment of at joining ducting or equipment .

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PT. Nifa Persada Teknindo

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Fabric Expansion Joint Round Shape

This Fabric Expansion Joint is round in shape and is very suitable for use at a maximum operating temperature of 1200°C and has several layers for good heat absorption and is connected to a flange. We can call it the Expansion Joint Complete Set.

We Provide

Type Flange Expansion Joint

The following is an Expansion Joint Single layer with a flange, the item has easy adaptation to existing conditions
Our material of  Expansion Joint Fabric:
– PTFE Black Coated Fibber Glass
– Silicon Cloth
– PTFE Sheet
– Bulky Glass Cloth
– Terpal Tahan Panas
– Ceramic Blanket

We Provide

Bolster Expansion Joint

Expansion Joint Bolster can safely absorb thermal expansion and misalignment in pipe/flange and systems in the dry, high temperature Expansion Joint line.

All types of Expansion Joints can be combined with a Bolster, but it is preferable to have a high operating temperature.

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