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NFA Thermal Insulation

Insulator to used to reduce heat transfer.


In piping systems to cover pipelines that have high temperatures.


Industrial machines needed to be covered, because the temperature affects the room temperature to be higher.


heater really needs to be covered with thermal insulation. So as not to harm the room.
Thermo Cover


The common Thermal Insulation materials

Here is a list of the most commonly used insulation materials and what us can do for you.

  • – Silicone Cloth
  • – Ceramic Cloth
  • – Fiber Glass
  • – Glass Fabric
  • – Ceramic Blanket
  • – Asbestos
  • – etc.


Thermo (Cover) Insulation

In this case, we discuss insulation for industrial use, in the industrial world, there are many objects that produce quite extreme heat and cause the room temperature to increase dramatically, causing the time period for industrial machines to quickly break down.

A brief definition of thermal insulation is the reduction in heat transfer (that is, the process of transfer of thermal energy between objects of different temperatures) where such objects are in thermal contact or within the range of the influence of radiation. Thermal insulation can be achieved by a method or process that has been specifically designed and shaped according to the shape and material of the object on site.

Therefore, we try to make insulation that is easy to apply during installation and easy during maintenance. We make thermal insulation with the belt method, where we arrange several layers of heat resistance and are made like a belt, so it will be easier when installing thermal insulation and easy when you want to do maintenance on a covered machine.

Thermal Insulation; Thermo Cover
Thermo Cover

Thermo Cover

Thermo Cover

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