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Flexible Hose NFA

The Suitable Flexible Hose in Indonesia

Flexible Hose is an item made of flexible pipe. Broadly speaking, in industrial areas, these hoses are usually used to deliver liquids or gases that have been designed to handle extreme temperatures and pressures.

Nifa Persada Teknindo can produce various flexible hoses with local materials or materials according to requests from internal and external systems with good product quality. Flexible hose NFA can withstand temperatures up to 600°C and pressures up to 40 bar. Some of the characteristics of flexible hoses are capable of being installed in piping systems, on land and at sea, resisting thermal expansion, vibration and at predetermined pressures. Flexible hose is a fairly advanced technology in terms of industrial piping, gas, and other hard materials.

Flexible Hose NFA is assembled locally in Indonesia with very good material details, we also accept material requirements from what you want, we strive to make good Flexible hose assemblies, the length of flexible hose that we make ranges from 25mm to 3000mm.

The materials used for the construction also depend on the temperature and corrosion resistance requirements of the application. Typical materials like stainless steel grades 304, 316, 316L, 321 are available at NFA. Also depends on what the hose will go through and the pressure in it, and generally flexible hose is made of 4 basic components, namely:

– Corrugated Tubbing
– Braid
– Liners (If needed)
– Braid Collars
– End-fittings

Brand: NFA or others.
Material: SS304, SS316 and many.
Size: 1/2″ – 24″.
Length: Depends on user request.
Flange Type: JIS10K, PN16, ANSI 150, ANSI 300.
Flange: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel.
Different pressure according to the selected material, pressure from 10 bar to maximum 50 bar.

As already mentioned, the material above is a simple form and can be configured as needed which will make flexible hoses a necessary part of industrial equipment.


Flexible Hose Braided

Corrugated Flexible Hose

Corrugated, as the name suggests, this hose is a hose with a corrugated shape and is very resistant to high pressure. Resistance to pressure is determined by how big or small the dimensions of the hose are, if the hose has small dimensions, the resistance to pressure is getting bigger, and vice versa.

In its durability, this hose is able to provide added value in corrosion resistance, a fairly good pressure rating and good flexibility for a supporting tool.

Corrugated hose usually has a tube material with thin walls, with waves, and is lined with metal wires woven to resemble the shape of woven baskets, corrugated hose can also be installed in layers using PTFE which will be adjusted. With the aim of strengthening so that the inner layer of the hose is resistant to working pressure when the engine is active.

In the function of resisting corrosion, the problem will lie where we can choose the best material according to what media will be passed. For most applications, Stainless Steel 321 provides moderate (good enough) corrosion resistance. If the chemical aspect is increased, then 316 stainless steel is needed, which contains more nickel and other alloying elements to increase chemical resistance. So if you are in the process of applying the flexible hose where you are always leaking then it could be that the materials you use are not very compatible with the media that is running in it.

Corrugated Hose or can also be called Flexible Braided Hose is able to withstand pressure because the technical manufacture of webbing connects from end to end so that it will not make the hose lengthen to an extreme when pressure is working. So the flexibility of this hose is very dependent on the thickness of the walls and the distance of the waves and the number of waves on the inside.

Flexibility will cover a lot of different things for some needs. For some, this may refer to the ability of the hose to be bent into a tight radius. For others, this may mean the hose has a long life cycle. Or, it could mean that the hose will bend easily without exerting a high spring force on the surrounding equipment. For corrugated flexible hose this includes corrugated hose that has a good degree of flexibility. Depending on the application, larger dimensions and spacings may be acceptable or tighter dimensions and spacings may be required. We will detect the pressure and medium you will be using to be able to give you a tighter hose option, figuring that a hose having a small wave or a hose that is close corrugated has more wrinkles per leg than a standard hose, which distributes the bending stress over more wrinkles and allows the hose to be bent more tightly.

Corrugated Hose is usually placed on the engine pump connector so that its flexibility is able to act as a vibration damper, application media that can be used on this hose include gas, liquid with high heat temperature, air or oil.

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The best advantages of using Flexible Hose Braided:

  1. We can specify multiple or single braid to get an increase in pressure resistance.
  2. The pressure resistance of braided flexible hose will be higher than that of unbraided flexible hose.
  3. Flexible hose braided that NFA produces will be able to withstand operating temperatures (-270 °C to 700 °C), corrugated flexible hose NFA has high physical strength.
  4. Engineered to be fire & moisture resistant and to compensate for thermal expansions in piping systems.
  5. If you prioritize the flexible aspect, this hose is the best choice, in terms of lifetime, this hose has a long enough lifetime.
  6. It has special characteristics, such as its excellent corrosion characteristics.
  7. They are resistant to abrasion, penetration and damage. capable of suppressing noise transmission in rigid pipes when operating under high vacuum and pressure.
  8. What’s more, this Stainless Steel Braided Flexible Hose helps adjust/repair misaligned rigid pipes and absorb/damage vibrations.

Flexible Hose Non-Convulated PTFE

In the aspect of making flexible hoses, we can also produce PTFE (Non-convulated) Flexible Hose with an extra advantages for the delivery of chemical media.

This hose can be found in many of the toughest service applications, dealing with fluid “problems” such as: acids, solvents, fuels, and chemicals of all type. Available with thin wall or heavy PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) tubing.

Flexible Hose PTFE

Application and Benefit of Flexible Hose PTFE


• Chemical and Acid Transfer.
• Pharmaceuticals.
• Food-grade approval placement Products.
• Steam Lines/Tire Presses.
• Withstand High Temperature Hydraulic/ Air Applications.
• Suitable for use in several aspects of the Pulp and Paper, Fuel and Lubricants, Plastic industries.


• High working and burst pressures.
• Most economical of all hoses lined with PTFE.
• The low-friction surface of smooth bore hose provides for high flow rates.
• Easily drained and/or cleaned.
• Temperature Rating: -65° F (-54°C) to +450°F (+230°C).


If you have problems with your flexible hose, whether you are just about to use it on your site or there is a problem that you need to repair, you can contact us to solve the problem with the flexible hose and we will provide you with the best solution and design with extraordinary results. on the Flexible Hose to be used.

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